8 Lunar Phases
Cycles of Growth
The angle
between the Sun
and Moon progresses
in 45 degree increments
during each of the 8 lunar
phases. Each phase lasts
approximately 3-4 days
of the Moon's 29.53
day cycle.

Lunar Phases
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New Moon
Crescent Moon
Laying Down of Roots
First Quarter Moon
Crisis of Commitment
Gibbous Moon
Struggle for Survival
Full Moon
Disseminating Moon
Last Quarter Moon
Climax of Fruit or Seed
Balsamic Moon
Decay / Letting Go
New Moon (Dark Moon)
Seed: Gestation
Contained within the darkness of the Earth, the seed pulses with life and prepares for its journey.
Here we find the Sun and Moon in conjunction with eachother.
Under the influence of the New Moon we may feel impulsive, passionate and intuitive. This is the time to plant our seeds for there is great energy and potential for any new journey.
The New Moon rises and sets with the Sun.

Build up and Strengthen
Absorption of nutrients or substances is accentuated. This is an excellent time for action and growth.

Crescent Moon
Sprout: Laying Down of Roots
The seed pushes down through the Earth and reaches for the Sky.
This is an excellent time to break from the past to create your own destiny.
Crescent Moon rises midmorning and sets after sunset.

First Quarter Moon
Leaf: Growth - Crisis of Commitment
Roots run deep, stems shoot up; we grow in both directions.
Here we find the Moon squared to the Sun. Bodies are strong. Old structures are cleared away to provide room for new development.
First Quarter Moon rises close to noon and sets close to midnight.

Gibbous Moon
Bud: Struggle for Survival
The pulse of life wrapped beautifully in itself is ready to expand.
This is an excellent time to refine and purify. Utilize spiritual tools as you seek your truth.
Gibbous Moon rises midafternoon and sets before dawn.

Full Moon
Flower: Illumination
The Seed has become a Flower and shows its self, its beauty, to the world.
Here the Sun and Moon are in opposition with each other. The Full Moon fulfils the potential of the New Moon. The Full Moon casts the greatest amount of light at night providing us with the ability to see into the dark or unconscious. Our awareness and sensitivities are heightened. Emotions swim close to the surface and creativity needs full expression. We are called to release the inspiration and energy accumulated through the Waxing Phase.
The Full Moon is visible from moonrise to moonset.

Complete and Release
This is an excellent time for detoxification, dieting or introspection.

Disseminating Moon
Fruit: Pollinating / Dispersal of Knowledge
The Flower enjoys the Fruits of its labour.
This is a time when we see our purpose, life has meaning. We have learned from experience. Our ideas and wisdom is shared with others.
The Disseminating Moon rises midevening and sets midmorning.

Last Quarter Moon
Harvest: Climax of Fruit or Seed
The very life of the Fruit and Seed are given to sustain the lives of others.
Here, once again, we find the Moon square to the Sun. This is a time of powerful reflection and transformation. The internal and external worlds are balanced under this Moon.
The Last Quarter Moon rises around midnight and sets around noon.

Balsamic Moon
Seed: Compost - Decay / Letting Go
The soil which originally contained the seed is now rich with nutrients and ready to nourish the new seed.
This is a time to access wisdom and insight. Patience and understanding are our tools as we show our prophetic selves to the world.
The Balsamic Moon rises before dawn and sets midafternoon.

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