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Moon Void of Course
Each month as the Moon revolves around the Earth it passes through the 12 signs of the zodiac spending approximately 21/2 days in each sign. Between the time the Moon completes its passage through one zodiac sign and its entry into the next sign, it has no connection to any planet in the solar system. The Moon remains mysteriously suspended, void of course, until it enters the next zodiac sign. The void of time which occurs during this phase can last a few seconds up to two days. From the exact moment the Moon enters the new sign the void of course period ends.

During a Moon Void of Course we become less focussed and somewhat confused. Judgement is impaired and our decision making skills are compromised. Anything started under this influence may bring unexpected complications or produce undesirable results.

initiating new projects
purchasing new items
signing contracts
discussing business
repairing items
seeking advice from practitioners or advisors

incorrect information
shortages, defects
mistakes, errors

Time To:
enjoy spiritual pursuits
meditate, breath, relax, sleep
have no expectations


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