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The Daily Moon

As the Moon moves through the zodiac it spends approximately 2 1/2 days in each sign.  Unique influences from each zodiac sign affect the unconscious in subtle and profound ways.  These influences wax and wane and can be tempered or amplified by the signs on either side of the current Moon's placement.

Aries Moon
Cardinal / Masculine / Fire

Enthusiastic * Ambitious * Energetic

Under an Aries Moon people may be easily irritated, competitive or assertive.  As energy levels are rising, this is an excellent time for physical activities such as working out or attending sports activities.  Ambition runs high.  Any projects started at this time are fuelled with success.

Taurus Moon
Fixed / Feminine / Earth

Cautious * Unchanging * Stubborn

This is a time for grounded, practical activities.  Issues concerning money, business or property may be addressed now.  Not the best time to initiate new ideas but a favourable time to mellow out.  Enjoy food, gardening and country journeys.  Guard against becoming stubborn or defensive.

Gemini Moon
Mutable / Masculine / Air

Adaptable * Changeable * Talkative

Under this Moon, people will be intellectual rather than emotional.  Gemini provides a lively influence where quick-wit, laughter and communication are highlighted.  A great time for meeting people, brainstorming, teaching, writing or any other activity demanding mental work.  Dexterity is high.  Enjoy family visits or "catching-up" with lengthy telephone calls.

Cancer Moon
Cardinal / Feminine / Water

Intensity * Sensitivity * Vulnerability

In a word:  "Moody".  This is an emotional time when people take stock of their feelings.  Home life, family ties and the need to be with loved ones are key.  Enjoy cooking, working on your home or visiting with elders.  As Cancer is ruled by the Moon, we may be inclined to reflect on the past.

Leo Moon
Fixed / Masculine / Fire

Romantic * Dramatic * Independent

This is a time of high drama where egos may be easily wounded.  Be extra careful with pride.  People may need attention from others.  On a good note, this Moon brings open, warm, outgoing moods.  Excellent for parties, entertaining, enjoying theater or worshipping the sun.

Virgo Moon
Mutable / Feminine / Earth

Intellectual * Fastidious * Discriminating

Any type of work which requires careful, methodical attention can be organized and completed very easily under a Virgo Moon.  In the search for perfection guard against becoming critical of your self or others.  Enjoy health, health food and self-improvement.

Libra Moon
Cardinal / Masculine / Air

Social * Beautiful * Aware

Under a Libra Moon we may be drawn to cultivate relationships with others.  Any matters requiring mediation will be met with a cooperative spirit at this time.  Charged with romanticism Libra appreciates art and beauty.  Enjoy visiting an art gallery or stay home to harmonize your surroundings with decorating or Feng Shui.

Scorpio Moon
Fixed / Feminine / Water

Transformation * Passion * Impatience

If there is one Moon which may cause us to feel like we are going to loose it, this is it.  Impatience is high so guard against reacting too quickly or over-reacting in situations.  Jealous and suspicious natures may step out of the shadows.  Use the light of this Moon to reflect on the self through healing or meditation.  This is an excellent time to gain insights into your own motives or the motives of others.  Enjoy research, sexuality or self-help.

Sagittarius Moon
Mutable / Masculine / Fire

Adventurous * Restless * Idealistic

Think BIG!  This is an expansive time fuelled with upbeat, optimistic moods.  Search for answers and enjoy philosophical pursuits.  High physical energy abounds so leap towards travel, education and sports.  Guard against arrogance and self-righteousness.  Avoid taking unnecessary gambles.

Capricorn Moon
Cardinal / Feminine / Earth

Diligent * Material * Insensitive

A Capricorn Moon may bring a cautious, conservative mood.  Well grounded and practical, this is an excellent time for strategy and long-range planning.  Any business or professional pursuits which require self-discipline and hard work can be addressed at this time.  Enjoy exploring history and world affairs.  Guard against depression and pessimism.

Aquarius Moon
Fixed / Masculine / Air

Public * Free * Innovative

A friendly and outgoing time, the Aquarian Moon is excellent for meeting with people to exchange ideas.  We may become visionary, radical or rebellious.  Guard against ordering people around.  Best to reason with others and allow them time to think things over.  Try new or controversial activities.

Pisces Moon
Mutable / Feminine / Water

Imaginative * Impressionable * Self-sacrificial

A somewhat spacey and dreamy time which lends itself towards meditation and inspiration.  This is not the best time to make decisions as clear thinking is compromised and emotions run high.  Better to direct your energy towards music, creativity, dancing, swimming or praying.  Guard against wallowing in self-pity or overindulging in alcohol or drugs.


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